Use libgmni rather than vendoring
Link to mailing list and bug tracker in README
Add markdown version of README
Improve Makefile
Update gmni source
Improve logging and trust unknown certs once
Prepend temp file to output file
Renamed project to gmsfn

After the Manned Space Flight Network (MSFN), a set of tracking stations that
supported Gemini missions.
Add links to a temp file if not in the output file

Read output file counting number of existing links
Read output file and copy existing links to array-like pointer thingy
Open a temporary file
For each link before the next output file
    Get the page
    For each link in the page
	If it isn't in the array of existing links
	    Add it to the temporary file
Allow relative paths for output files
Output gemini links to files specified in config

Output file paths are given by third level headings.
e.g. ### /home/user/output.gmi
New links on each page linked before the next ### are output to that file.
Output file defaults to stdout.
Make config file path command-line argument
Read list of gemlog index pages from config file
Add missing finishing functions
Work out the absolute url for each link
Parse response and print out links
Initial commit

Use gmni to get a gemini file and print it.