Reset feed_title in between reading each feed

This prevents the title of the previous feed being used for a feed
which doesn't have a top-level heading.
Update to use new bearssl version of gmni
Update man page to reflect previous commit
Do not automatically TOFU

Untrusted certificates will be trusted once without their
fingerprint being stored.

Certificates of capsules change relatively frequently, so getting
suspicious if a new certificate is presented results in capsules
being left out of the aggregate, likely without the operating noticing.

If a certificate for a domain is already in the known_hosts file
it will be checked and validated as normal.
Use sizeof when reallocing memory for entry group
Move options in front of required arguments

I think this is what getopt() wants on non-GNU systems.
Remove long dash from separator list

It's a multi-byte character so can't be treated as char
Fix SIGSEGV - null byte of date must be index 10

How has this only come up now?
Remove long dashes from start of entry titles
Add extra new line to make logging look nicer
Add '>' to list of punctuation to be removed
Add option to ignore entries before a certain date
Remove gmisub(5) from README
Specify paths by command line arguments

Instead of trying to use Gemtext as a configuration format
Remove \r if there is one at end of line

These come from pages served from Windows
Removing them stops the lines breaking funny in some clients
Simplify decisions about formatting link lines
Fix paths relative to config directory
Make links relative to root domain work

If a link starts with slash append it to scheme://domain.ext
to get absolute URL to entry.
Add header and footer support
Fix converstion of date to integer