Change from jquery to vanilla javascript
Fixed relative syle.css path and removed jquery
Removed custom font
Added GPLv3 license
e986623d — ccejbc 2 years ago
created quadratic nth-term finder function
0a8cd3f3 — ccejbc 2 years ago
finished function for finding nth term of linear sequences
9c382d11 — ccejbc 2 years ago
wrote termDiff function
2716b7a6 — ccejbc 2 years ago
added contents of nth-term html and wrote main js part
b53272f6 — ccejbc 2 years ago
got nth term ready and using central css file
85fade23 — ccejbc 2 years ago
moved common styles for gear ratios to central css file
9a23a4ca — ccejbc 2 years ago
moved common styles for linear equations to central css file
3ed3c06a — ccejbc 2 years ago
moved common golden ratio styles to central css file
5c23ab1f — ccejbc 2 years ago
started move to use central css file for shared styling
7fd4eb5d — ccejbc 2 years ago
added files for nth term (copied from gear-ratios)
Merge branch 'gear-ratios' into 'master'

Gear ratios

See merge request ccejbc/calculators!4
6543a490 — ccejbc 3 years ago
using local font file rather than google
7e2ce86a — ccejbc 3 years ago
added gear inches calculation and rounded results to 2 decimal places
587df7c5 — ccejbc 3 years ago
made it stoppingpopping up with infinity before youv'e finished writing numbers in by checking entered values are numeric
ced8d966 — ccejbc 3 years ago
removed  quadratic equations link form main index.html because not using it
a6011a34 — ccejbc 3 years ago
did js. units might need changing