Update listener on import
v0.5: webRequests refactor

Listen in background for requests to dammed pages and redirect to dam
declarativeNetRequest refactor
v0.4: import/export and should work on most sites
Massive z-index for dam

hack to get it to cover all (hopefully) sites
use const instead of let where relevant
Export and Import
Add license GPLv3
v0.3.1: configurable minimum word count

using options page
rename dam() -> buildDam() in content.js

Avoids name collision with the div element dam
hard coded min word count
v0.3: require journal entry before undamming
v0.2.1: Reload page when dam toggled
v0.2: dam or undam with toggle button
v0.1: Functional saving and viewing
rename domainsToDam -> dammed
Add clear storage button for development