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## Configuration

Make a `barszcz` section in your configuration file. The available options are:
Make a `barszcz` section in your configuration file. Available attributes
are described below.

### Formatting

- `format_item` determines what information about an item (track) should be
displayed, and where. It has two options, `left` and `right`, which are both

@@ 80,21 83,26 @@ and if `left` or `right` is left blank, nothing will be displayed on that side.

- `gap` is the number of blank lines between each item or album.

### Shortcuts

- `shortcuts` is a collection of key-value pairs of the form
`shortcut sequence: command`.
A single pair of curly brackets `{}` in the command will be replaced by the
sequence of digits input immediately prior to the shortcut sequence.
The escape key is used to clear the input line and current shortcut sequence.

For a list of key constants that can be used for special keys
(e.g. `KEY_ENTER`), see the "Key constant" table on the
[constants section](https://docs.python.org/3/library/curses.html#constants)
of the Python curses documentation.
In addition to this list, you may also use `KEY_ESCAPE`, which by default
clears the input line and current shortcut by executing a blank command.

A caret followed by a capital letter represents the control character linked
to the letter, for example if Control+Q is pressed, the command defined by
the `^Q` shortcut will be executed. Some control characters are used by the
terminal, so be careful or you might break something :).

Default configuration:
### Default configuration