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You can use filters to hide content on CloudTube that you do not wish to see.

Content will be hidden from video recommendations, search, and subscriptions. It will not be hidden from channel pages.

#By title

Filtering by title is special because, unlike the other options, it supports pattern matching.

Depending on the instance, regular expressions may be enabled, or they may not be.

#Square matching

Square matching is always available. Any text you type will be matched against the title directly, except for these special commands:

  • -- placed at the start - allows other words in the title to come before the entered pattern
  • -- placed at the end - allows other words in the title to come after the entered pattern
  • [digits] - matches a sequences of one or more digits, that is, characters in 0123456789
  • [choose|foo|bar|baz] - matches exactly one of foo, bar, or baz

Matching is case insensitive, so, capital letters do not matter at all.

For example, the pattern Minecraft[choose||,] but-- matches video titles that start with Minecraft but and Minecraft, but.

#Regular expression matching

Remember, regular expressions are not enabled on all instances.

If they are enabled, put / at the start and end of the pattern, and the enclosed text will be treated as a JavaScript regular expression.

#By channel name

Select "channel name" from the dropdown and enter the full name into the "contents" field. Pattern matching is not supported.

#By channel ID

You may prefer to use channel ID over channel name if the same channel changes its name repeatedly.

Select "channel ID" from the dropdown and enter the full channel ID into the "contents" field.

You can also do this from the "x" menu when hovering a video thumbnail. Filters that were created in this way will also be labelled with the name that the channel had at the time that the filter was created.