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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A markdown parser for Discord messages.


yarn add discord-markdown
npm i discord-markdown

For browser use, import dist/discord-markdown.min.js

const { parser, htmlOutput, toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');

console.log(toHTML('This **is** a __test__'));
// => This <strong>is</strong> a <u>test</u>

Fenced codeblocks will include highlight.js tags and classes.


const { toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');
toHTML('This **is** a __test__', options);

options is an object with the following properties (all are optional):

  • embed: Boolean (default: false), if it should parse embed contents (rules are slightly different)
  • escapeHTML: Boolean (default: true), if it should escape HTML
  • discordOnly: Boolean (default: false), if it should only parse the discord-specific stuff
  • discordCallback: Object, callbacks used for discord parsing. Each receive an object with different properties, and are expected to return an HTML escaped string
    • user: (id: Number) User mentions "@someperson"
    • channel: (id: Number) Channel mentions "#somechannel"
    • role: (id: Number) Role mentions "@somerole"
    • everyone: () Everyone mention "@everyone"
    • here: () Here mention "@here"

#Mention and Emoji Handling

Using the discordCallback option you can define custom functions to handle parsing mention and emoji content. You can use these to turn IDs into names.


const { toHTML } = require('discord-markdown');
toHTML('This is a mention for <@95286900801146880>', {
	discordCallback: {
		user: node => '@' + users[node.id];
}); // -> This is a mention for @Brussell


It is possible to change the rules used by discord-markdown. Take a look at the code to see how to create your own modified rule set.


Find an inconsistency? File an issue or submit a pull request with the fix and updated test(s).