Microsoft Greens: Teams Custom CSS focused on a kinder, more consistent, and less distracting interface.
Update for New Teams
Microsoft Halloweens: New black and orange skin
Consistency and fixes around the app


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#Microsoft Greens: Custom CSS for Microsoft Teams


  • Change the accent colour from purple to green wherever possible.
  • Make the interface look kinder to use.
  • Remove distracting features that are never used.
  • Remove animations entirely (complements the existing reduce animations setting).


  1. Open Microsoft Teams in the browser.
  2. Install the Stylus browser extension.
  3. Create a new Stylus stylesheet targeted at URLs on the domain teams.microsoft.com
  4. Add greens.css to the new stylesheet and save.

(While it is possible to open devtools on the Microsoft Teams desktop app by clicking the tray icon 7 times and then right clicking, it is frustratingly difficult to apply the stylesheet, which even if you can add it, goes away after a restart anyway. For this reason I recommend using a web browser.)


Contact me on https://cadence.moe/contact and send me the CSS changes you've made. I'll either integrate them with the main file, or add them as optional extensions.

#Major Version History

  • 2.0 2023-01-16 Move to CSS variables. Accent colour is now pink (uncomment lines 4-11 to keep the green)
  • 1.0 2022-12-21 First public release