fix previous commit: evaluate quoted username
Bridge discord replies to matrix
Rewrite readme for my fork
Add vscode settings to gitignore
Fully support discord->matrix edits!!
Add patch_node_modules script
node-html-parser 1.1.13 fix valueless attributes
this package.json works
Convert data-mx-spoiler to discord || format
Declare some variables earlier to help debugging
Insert newlines when bridging m->d a 'p' element

Paragraphs are displayed on matrix with additional spacing, so they
should see additional space on discord too.
Change how embedded replies are displayed

The formatting is a little different and discord users are mentioned
outside of the embed, therefore being notified of the reply.
Echo join/leave messages back to matrix
matrix->discord guess @mentions for conversion

Writing @tag, @username, or @nick in a matrix message when a discord
member has that tag, username, or nickname, will create a mention on
discord-side. This allows for easy mentioning if the client doesn't
support name completions or the matrix user doesn't want to use them.
Rework how embeds are displayed

Formatting is now generally more normalised, useful, and less conspicuous.
Use colons in emoji alt text/title text

This makes their display more obvious when images are disabled or not
supported on the matrix client.
Display discorders as #tags instead of usernames

This makes it more consistent with the rest of the bridge.
Change how discord-side [BOT] messages are bridged

They are now prefixed with [BOT] and sent as normal messages rather than
sending them with the m.notice type.
Copy the bot's messages discord->matrix

Messages posted by the bot on discord should be treated normally and
copied to matrix.
Force non-animated icons on matrix-side