Matrix-Discord Bridge, an improved fork of Half-Shot's bridge
Fix multiple d->m edits
fix previous commit: evaluate quoted username
Bridge discord replies to matrix


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Matrix-Discord Bridge

This is a fork of Half-Shot's matrix-appservice-discord with many features and improvements.

#Main improvements

  • [<-->] Spoiler text formatting
  • [D->M] Edits are bridged as edits
  • [D->M] Replies are implemented
  • [M->D] Replies are vastly improved, and they mention the person that was replied to
  • [D->M] Formatting of embeds is vastly improved
  • [M->D] Writing plaintext @mentions will be bridged as mentions
  • [M->D] Writing plaintext :emojis: will render as images on discord-side
  • [M->D] Newline and link bridging improvements

#Known issues

These are all issues on Half-Shot's version too. Some of them are lessened on this fork.

  • Discord media tagged as spoiler will be displayed normally on Matrix
  • Discord large files may not be displayed on Matrix (ideally they would be linked instead)
  • Matrix spoilered text may not be conveyed correctly (this may be fixed now?)
  • Very occasionally, Discord messages are sent through twice

#Running this code

See Half-Shot's repo for setup instructions. They are the same.

#Software license, sharing, and redistribution

My code uses the Apache 2.0 license, with additional restrictions:

  • Anyone who interacts with a bridge running this software must be able to obtain a copy of the bridge's source code upon request. The host of the bridge must make the source code available and offer it to people who ask for it.
  • These restrictions must be preserved and reproduced in any software that uses my code or modifications of my code.

The bridge's original code uses the Apache 2.0 license.