Change settings save buttons back to real buttons
Settings page for ms language

بحس سي
Fix language reference in settings for "Hide"
Emergency jank: Route through Tor
Sync with docs readme
d300aef1 — bopol 9 days ago
update invidious repo url
7c9cb6f3 — bopol 9 days ago
clearly show usage of no-break spaces in french
31f6c493 — bopol 9 days ago
Add new strings: quota_left, settings_saved
40eeab84 — bopol 9 days ago
add language_dev constant

this constant, if enabled, will display MISSING STRING: string_id
if disabled, it will display the english version of string string_id
bb652639 — bopol 9 days ago
translate settings in french
36df0350 — bopol 9 days ago
make settings translatable
add Bahasa Melayu
e94eb823 — Kyle Anthony Williams 17 days ago
Updated node-tap to patch up a prototype pollution vulnerability.

Trim Whitespace From Input Fields

When pasting text in the user or post fields,
some unwanted whitespace may occur, especially from mobile device.
Currently, if this whitespace is before the username or the post,
Bibliogram returns 404.
This patch prevents this by trimming the unwanted whitespace.
Tweaks to submitted language files
Add Bulgarian Language Translation
cff003bd — Kyle Anthony Williams 20 days ago
Repaired two high severity vulnerabilities and one low one.

There are also 49 prototype pollution vulnerabilities related to tap's use of lodash. You should be able to fix it by updating tap.
0d251779 — Kyle Anthony Williams 20 days ago
Changed the journal mode of the SQLite DB to WAL.



Just do it. It should near instanly make Bibliogram faster.
Add code of conduct
c6ea5ae8 — Cadence Ember 2 months ago
Add alias paths /tv/, /igtv/, /reel
Add French language