Feeble attempt to support the new multi-format

This doesn't work, but it's a start. Somebody else can continue the effort.
Always use Cantarell font
Only build new circuits when really needed
Restore HTML request method with preload extractor
Save proxied media with shortcode as filename
Decrease self_blocked_status cache to 60 minutes
Add /settings.json API as requested by Edward
Sure, let's cache self_blocked_status again!
Disable Tor by default.

Feel free to experiment and see if it helps if you enable it.
Replace all profile fetching methods with IWeb

The previous HTML method is gone due to a page restructure. It was
able to consistently bypass Instagram's blocking.

The IWeb method has a few hundred uses per X time for selfhosters, and
a couple dozen uses per X time for servers. This will likely change in
the future. There is no known way to bypass Instagram's IWeb blocking.

Feel free to look for a way.

Further timeline pages are still blocked. The "next page" button
defaults to not automatically loading when scrolled, since it will
basically never work anyway. Users running personal instances may be
able to get a couple of uses out of it.
Correctly show co-authored videos
Set content-type charset=utf-8 for feeds.

Hope this helps.
Add /tv/ and /reel/ to robots.txt

Prevent search engine crawling of instances, just like how /p/ is
already in robots.txt.
User pages now count for quota, as it should be.
Specify Cantarell font and add font files
Use boring font for consistent non-latin script appearance based on page heuristics
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