Add configuration option to disable media proxy

Media proxy is enabled by default, and was always enabled before this
Update dependencies to fix vulnerabilities
1bfaa5aa — Johannes Weissmann 2 months ago
Update German translation
Update Turkish translation
Fix docker image missing graphicsmagick runtime dependency
Update Turkish translation

Contributed by Oğuz Ersen <oguzersen@protonmail.com>
583cec2d — Philipp Beckers 4 months ago
added the 2 new strings to the German translation
Update dependencies
Translate experiencing problems header in french

It is also available for translation in other languages
Update dependencies

Should fix the recent pug vulnerability (which wasn't exploitable in
Bibliogram anyway, though)
Remove unblocker

It does not work.

It was created for an older era when the user page was most heavily
restricted, and graphql timeline was free. So the visitor would look
up the username-userID relationship on the instance's behalf, and
submit that for the instance to check, and then that profile would be
unblocked forever because the user page is not needed after that

Now, the user page is free, and graphql timeline can be impossible.
(Still haven't worked that out yet.) So the unblocker would only be
fetching information that the instance could already get. Even if the
instance was somehow blocked from the user page, the unblocker would
not help, since it only fetches the username-userID relationship for
use with graphql timeline, and graphql timeline is currently blocked
on the instance too.

Keeping this in Bibliogram is misleading to visitors and the backing
code is now useless.

The correct way to view profiles is to run your own Bibliogram.
Use GraphicsMagick instead of sharp
dcd593e8 — Ahmet Çadırcı 4 months ago
Add Turkish language
7fd90bce — Jakob Wenzel 5 months ago
fix crash in feeds with empty caption
9b4f2353 — Jakob Wenzel 5 months ago
insert br tags in feeds

FreshRSS performs input sanitation and throws away all style attributes.
Instead of relying on them for linebreaks, insert br tags.
Update dependencies

For semver breaking changes, changelogs were checked. There were no
breaking changes that interfere with Bibliogram.
use redirect.invidious.io for youtube redirection

fix regression introduced by commit e1883b2d9e24acf492a2218c6664ff19bf7818c0
invidious.io is not the redirect website for invidious, but the homepage
of Invidious (project)
Preserve history error kind
Change self_blocked_status to include timeline

Disabled by default, enable in the usual way.
Set default Invidious instance to invidious.io