924c3ac12a42b3689273bff4e546c37928fb4f7a — Cadence Ember 7 months ago d8e7629
Always add downloaded node to path
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M install.fish
M run.fish
M install.fish => install.fish +0 -5
@@ 19,10 19,6 @@ asked to make choices.

require_command_deps wget git nc

if test -e test/use_local_node
	set -a PATH $PWD/$node_folder/bin

if not command -sq node
	echo 'node not found in path.'
	echo 'Download the node executable now? It will not be installed system-wide.'

@@ 34,7 30,6 @@ if not command -sq node
	echo 'done.'
	rm $node_tarball; or exit
	touch state/use_local_node
	set -a PATH $PWD/$node_folder/bin

M run.fish => run.fish +4 -0
@@ 15,6 15,10 @@ end

# ---

if test -e state/use_local_node
	set -a PATH $PWD/$node_folder/bin

set pull_interval 10m
set update_applied false