A collection of scripts to easily install and update Bibliogram.
Just use numerical seconds for sleep - BSD compat
Require graphicsmagick
Use alpha Tor since stable download link is broken


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Bibliogram updater

A collection of scripts to easily install and update Bibliogram.

#Quick start

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~cadence/bibliogram-updater

Run ./run.fish to run Bibliogram, and to install it and its requirements if they don't already exist. Updates will be installed automatically.

Run ./clean.fish to clean up the installation.

#After installing

You may want to do some of these things:

#It didn't work!

Please open an issue so I can fix it! Please tell me as much information as possible, most importantly the command you ran and the output on the console.

If you don't like GitHub, you can talk to me privately, or join the discussion room on Matrix: #bibliogram:matrix.org

#What's a fish?

The scripts are written in fish. You'll need to install fish: https://fishshell.com/

You do not have to set fish as your default shell. The scripts have #! lines, which makes them run in fish no matter what shell you are using.

If you want to port this to bash, please go ahead! I would have written it in bash originally for convenience, but I don't know bash.

#What do the scripts do?


  1. It will update itself if an update is available.
  2. If Bibliogram isn't already installed, it will run install.fish.
  3. It will update Bibliogram.
  4. It will run Bibliogram.
  5. It will attempt to update Bibliogram from Git. If the update is successful, it will restart Bibliogram.


  1. It will check that git, wget and nc are available, and will ask you to install them if they aren't.
  2. If node isn't installed, it will download a copy to use from then on.
  3. It will clone the Bibliogram repo.
  4. It will run npm install.
  5. It will guide you through setting up website_origin, port, feeds/enabled, and does_not_track.
  6. It will send you back to run.fish.


  1. It will ask you for confirmation, then delete any files and directories that the other scripts created.