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#Reserved URLs

Instagram reserves several URLs for its own features. Since user profiles on Instagram are on the same path level as features, it means these feature URLs cannot be used as usernames. (Hence "reserved".)

This is not a complete list of Instagram's reserved URLs, but it's a good start.

#List of reserved URLs on Instagram


  • /about (about)
  • /explore (hashtag and location browser)
  • /support (help center)
  • /press (instagram blog)
  • /api (goes to homepage)
  • /privacy (abuse management features)
  • /safety (abuse management features)
  • /admin (probably a secret internal admin page, but it doesn't connect)


  • /embed.js
  • /en_US/embeds.js (platform.instagram.com) (languages other than en_US are also represented)

#"Not found", but likely reserved

  • /graphql (web api)
  • /accounts (/accounts/login, /accounts/emailsignup, /accounts/confirm_email, etc)
  • /p (posts space)
  • /help
  • /terms
  • /contact
  • /blog
  • /igtv


  • /directory is a user, but /directory/profiles and /directory/hashtags are feature pages

#Top level paths on Bibliogram

Note that Bibliogram uses /u/ for the users space, so all existing top level paths are a feature page, and all URLs starting with /u/ are users.


  • /u (users space)
  • /p (posts space)
  • /privacy
  • /admin


  • /api
  • /fragment
  • /imageproxy
  • /videoproxy
  • /.well-known

More top level paths may be added to Bibliogram at any time, so do not rely on this list for your 3rd-party extension to work!