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## With Docker

I have no idea how Docker works. Good luck. You **won't** be
automatically updated to new versions with this.
You should really use the regular version of Bibliogram. Docker offers no benefits for Bibliogram and adds too many layers of complexity and inconsistency that make it impossible to debug and provide support. As such, no official Docker data is provided for Bibliogram.

[Discuss the Docker setup in issue #81][docker discussion]
and tell me about how I can make it more convenient for you, or even
submit a pull request if you know what you want.
If you still want to use Docker, find somebody else's unofficial files and use those. You'll have to ask them for help, not me.

[docker discussion]: https://github.com/cloudrac3r/bibliogram/issues/81
Here's a list of other people's Docker setups that I found on the internet:

Recommended: Clone the repo, then `docker-compose up`.

`docker run -p 10407:10407 -v db:/app/db cloudrac3r/bibliogram`.

[Repository on Docker Hub.][docker hub]

[docker hub]: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/cloudrac3r/bibliogram
- https://github.com/PussTheCat-org/docker-bibliogram-quay
- https://github.com/xnaas/docker-bibliogram/pkgs/container/bibliogram

## Manually, if you've run webservers before