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Instructions for Windows users
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A dialog editor for Wonderland Adventures custom adventures that takes its input as structured text files.

## Get the code

You need to install [node.js](https://nodejs.org) to run PE-DIA.

(Windows users: Run the installer. If it asks, make sure that you add it to PATH. You may need to restart the computer.)

Clone or [download](https://git.sr.ht/~cadence/crumpet/archive/main.tar.gz) PE-DIA.

(Windows users: you may need [7-Zip](https://7-zip.org) in order to open tar.gz files.)

## Usage

See `template.md` for an example of how to use your own text files.

Invoke the program with `node processor.js template.md > 1.dia` or similar.

## Code

This program has no dependencies aside from [node.js](https://nodejs.org).
(Windows users: Shift-right-click in the file manager and "open command window here" to be able to run that command.)

## License