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    li Send questions, positive comments, and feature requests to #[a(href="https://is.badat.dev/users/cadence") @cadence@is.badat.dev]
    li Send reports of security issues via email. You can find my address on the page #[a(href="https://cadence.moe/about/contact") https://cadence.moe/about/contact]
    li Send hate speech to #[a(href="file:///dev/null") /dev/null]

  h2 Liability
  p While every effort has been taken to ensure the security and privacy of people's data, Frames comes with absolutely no guarantees.
  p Frames is provided with no warranty of any kind. The software authors shall not be held liable for any claims, damages, security issues, data leaks, or other liabilities, which arise from, out of, or in connection with the software.
  p You are encouraged to review the source code to make informed decisions about its security and safety.

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    p Frames is created by #[a(href="https://is.badat.dev/users/cadence") @cadence@is.badat.dev]