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Brief "why Frames needs your data" during auth
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      input(type="hidden" name="instance" value=instance)
      input(type="hidden" name="referrer" value=referrer)
      button.pop-button Continue

        summary.hint Why Frames needs your data
        p: a(href="/about") See the about page for full information.
        p If you are viewing posts:
          li Information uploaded to Frames is private, only visible to people who follow the poster.
          li So we need to check that you actually follow them.
        p If you are creating posts
          li We need you to log in to verify that you actually own this account.
        p What access is granted?
          li Frames will be able to read your account metadata and your follow lists.
          li Frames cannot alter anything about your account. It cannot post as you, edit your profile, or change your password.
          li #[a(href="https://git.sr.ht/~cadence/Frames") Frames is open source,] so you can verify what it does.
          li You can revoke access at any time.