add note about kakoune release
make README markdown for hyperlinks
mirror upstream changes
highlight escape sequences as meta instead of value
improve "use" highlighting

No need to check for a space specifically here, it can be any whitespace
character. Having \t or \n in your use statement is ill-advised, but if
you're going to do it, at least it will be highlighted correctly.
Highlight null as a type

Signed-off-by: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>
Highlight static as keyword

static isn't used for declarations; it's used as a prefix to assert,
append, and insert.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>
vaargs updates

Signed-off-by: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>
highlight `raw strings`
highlight lone "use" keyword
don't delete empty comments on newline

This was ultimately a bad compromise. Not being able to have an empty
line in a comment isn't worth making exiting "comment mode" slightly
faster with <ret><ret>, especially considering that you can disable
comment prefixes being automatically inserted anyway.
update exponent syntax
copy comment prefixes on new lines
add -hidden to commands
add note about "type" type