* org-tutorials/org-beamer/org-e-beamer.org: Fix link

Link to the updated basic beamer tutorial now - it contains the extra
features that used to be in org-e-beamer.
* exporters/beamer/index.org: Remove link to obsolete tutorial

The basic tutorial for ox-beamer implementation has been extended with
what used to be in the linked tutorial.

Reported-by: Dima Kogan <dima@secretsauce.net>
Link: https://orgmode.org/list/87zg5cdlht.fsf@secretsauce.net
contributors.org: Add Basil L. Contovounesios as FSF copyrighted contributor

FSF assignment for Emacs done as evident from Emacs commits:
b078528d — Karl Voit 24 days ago
org-tutorials: German article from Karl helping with first steps
053be3c3 — Karl Voit a month ago
org-tutorials: update on German tutorials
* contributors.org: Add Jim Wisniewski as FSF copyrighted contributor
* contributors.org: Update David Lukes' FSF assignment status
* contributors.org: Add Sławomir Grochowski as FSF copyrighted contributor
1e3f6d8d — Karl Voit a month ago
org-screencasts: link to EmacsConf
bcd76938 — Karl Voit a month ago
org-tutorials: OD
2a9f083d — Karl Voit a month ago
org-tutorials: GLT21: Emacs Org mode Features You May Not Know
contributors.org: Add Zelphir Kaltstahl to tiny changes contributors
* contributors.org: Add Ruijie Yu as FSF copyrighted contributor
569944aa — Karl Voit a month ago
org-tools: minor change
ob-doc-shell.org: convert :async 't' arguments to 'yes'

* ob-doc-shell.org: Change :async arguments in examples to match
explanation (from 't' to 'yes')

Link: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2023-03/msg00387.html
e94634b3 — Karl Voit 2 months ago
moving some tools from org-tools to org-translators; add a link between
42ee6ca1 — Karl Voit 2 months ago
org-tools: removed lazyblorg

because I noticed that there is a general reference to the blogging software
d75587aa — Karl Voit 2 months ago
org-tools: added a number of org-related tools by Karl Voit
bf3ea929 — Karl Voit 2 months ago
org-blog-wiki.org: updated lazyblorg; org-people: updated bio + photo