contributors.org: Add Lei Zhe to FSF signed contributors
org-faq.org (How can I preserve faces...): Update answer

* org-faq.org (How can I preserve faces when I export an agenda from
the command line?): Fix the answer, making sure that the instructions
actually work on the latest Org mode.

Link: https://list.orgmode.org/orgmode/PS2P216MB113830307EE638A1FF044F55A024A@PS2P216MB1138.KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM/
f1486f42 — Morgan Smith 8 days ago
Document repeater deadline syntax and element api

* dev/org-element-api.org (Timestamp): Add ':repeater-deadline-unit'
and ':repeater-deadline-value'.
* org-syntax.org (Timestamps): Separate definition of repeater and
delay.  Add repeater deadline to repeater definition.
org-syntax.org (Tables): Add table.el example
contributors.org: Add Lee Thompson to tiny changes contributors
org-syntax.org: Clarify edge case when both subscript and underline match

* org-syntax.org (Subscript and Superscript): Clarify that underline
takes priority when markup at point fits both underline and subscript.

See https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs/org-mode.git/commit/?id=ce5e8ecbb
Improve description of Org document, elements, and objects

* org-syntax.org (General structure of Org document): Move to separate
top-level heading.
(General structure of elements): Move under element and object
headings, reword, providing examples that make use of token convention.
org-maintenance.org: Clarify about the origin of the copyright assignment form

* org-maintenance.org (Assignment and verification): Add a footnote
explaining where the copyright assignment form is coming from.
org-maintenance.org: Fix link

* org-maintenance.org (Assignment and verification): Fix link to the
list of contributors.
contributors.org: Update Laurence Warne's FSF assignment status
org-maintenance.org: Clarify how to followup when no reply from FSF

* org-maintenance.org (Assignment and verification): Explain that we
allow one month for FSF to reply for the copyright request and then
follow up.

Link: https://orgmode.org/list/87o7b3bye3.fsf@localhost

Co-authored-by: Bastien Guerry <bzg@gnu.org>
* style/worg.css: Minor improvements

(@media all body .title): Specify font size in ems.

(@media all h1): Slightly reduce bottom margin so as not to leave a
large space between the title and subtitle.

(@media all .subtitle): Actually style this (apparently few pages use
subtitles yet).

(@media all .org-center): Actually style this so that "#+begin_center"
blocks are centered and fit with the rest of the theme, allowing these
blocks to be used to make certain text stand out.

See discussion at
contributors.org: Add Ross Timson to tiny changes contributors
contributors.org: Add Laurence Warne to tiny changes contributors
org-syntax.org (LaTeX Environments): Fix description

* org-syntax.org (LaTeX Environments): Clarify that arbitrary text can
follow \begin{NAME} on the same line.
org-syntax.org: Avoid referring to link types as "protocol"

* org-syntax.org (Plain links):
(Angle links):
(Regular links): Consistently use "link type" term to refer to link
types.  Do not use protocol, which may be confused with the
terminology in the manual and the code.
org-syntax.org (Headings): Fix COMMENT string in headings

* org-syntax.org (Headings): COMMENT is not a part of the title.  Fix
the description accordingly.
Move some more content to "How many files?"

* org-faq.org (Should I use one big Org file or multiple files?): Move
some more content to...

* topics/how-many-files.org: ...this file.

Suggested-by: Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com>
* topics/how-many-files.org: Tidy
* org-maintenance.org (Copyright assignments): Minor improvements