contributors.org: New file
index.org: Small rephrasing, add a link to Worg's repository
org-contribute.org: Add a new contributor
81c2fa19 — Daniel Nicolai a day ago
Update ob-template.el file
org-contribute.org: Move Jim Porter to the list of contributors
Add mention of :colnames effect on :results

org-contrib/babel/languages/ob-doc-R.org: added paragraph about effect
of `:colnames' on output.
org-contribute.org: Minor change
org-contribute.org: Add Bhavin Gandhi to the list of TINYCHANGE
org-contribute.org: Add Andras Simonyi to the list of contributors
org-maintenance.org: Continue previous fix
Reflect the recent switch to a new repo
3d11a865 — Max Nikulin a day ago
org-contrib/index.org: Update links

Contributed libraries were removed from the main repository,
the new location is https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/org-contrib/

See https://orgmode.org/list/874kf4fanb.fsf@gnu.org/
org-contribute.org: Add Jim Porter (TINYCHANGE)
org-contribute.org: Add Rodrigo Morales (TINYCHANGE)
org-contrib/../index.org: Remove spurious TODO
org-faq.org: Fix gibberish from previous commit
org-faq.org: Clarified and enhanced the section about using Info
264857ae — Bhavin Gandhi a month ago
org-tools/index.org: Add go-org to list of Org-mode parsers
org-contribute.org: Add Juan Manuel Macias as a contributor
org-contribute.org: Add David Lukes as TINYCHANGE contributor