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#+TITLE:      Org Babel: Introduction
#+TITLE:      Introducing Org Babel
#+AUTHOR:     Eric Schulte, Dan Davison, Tom Dye
#+EMAIL:      schulte.eric at gmail dot com, davison at stats dot ox dot ac dot uk, tsd at tsdye dot online
#+OPTIONS:    H:3 num:nil toc:2 \n:nil ::t |:t ^:{} -:t f:t *:t tex:t d:(HIDE) tags:not-in-toc

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** DONE What function is bound to C-c '?
   - this document notes two different functions
* Introduction
* Preamble
  :CUSTOM_ID: introduction

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  possibly pass through a =Gnuplot= code block and end up as a plot
  embedded in the document.

  Through extending [[https://orgmode.org/][Org]] with several features for editing
  exporting and executing source code Org Babel turns Org into a tool
  for both /Literate Programming/ and /Reproducible Research/.
  Through extending [[https://orgmode.org/][Org]] with several features for editing, exporting,
  and executing source code, Org Babel transforms Org into a tool for
  literate programming and reproducible research.

  Org Babel augments [[https://orgmode.org/manual/Working-with-Source-Code.html][Org support for code blocks]] by providing:
  Org Babel augments [[https://orgmode.org/manual/Working-with-Source-Code.html][Org code blocks]] by providing:

  - interactive and programmatic execution of code blocks;
  - code blocks as functions that can be parameterised, refer to
    other code blocks, and called remotely; and
  - code blocks as functions that accept parameters, refer to
    other code blocks, and can be called remotely; and
  - export to files for literate programming.

* Overview

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  features of Org Babel are covered in the [[https://orgmode.org/manual/Working-with-Source-Code.html][Working with Source Code]]
  section of the Org manual.

* Initial Configuration
* Configuring Org Babel
  :CUSTOM_ID: getting-started
  :results:  silent

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     Language]].  Note that Emacs Lisp is activated by default so this
     step can be skipped if you intend to work exclusively with it.

  3) If you have made changes to your setup, don't forget to evaluate your
  3) If you have made changes to your setup, please remember to evaluate
     modified configuration file(s).

* Code Blocks

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	appropriate to the language.  You can edit your code block
	as you regularly would in Emacs.

* Source Code Execution
* Executing Source Code
  :CUSTOM_ID: source-code-execution