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Updated expectations for non-subscriber posts to be delayed by moderation.
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The Org mailing list is a members only mailing list to prevent
spam. Membership is freely available and only requires that you
subscribe to the list and confirm your email address.
subscribe to the list and confirm your email address. Messages from
non-subscribers will be delayed pending moderator review.

You may [[https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/emacs-orgmode][subscribe to the list from this webpage]].

@@ 69,6 70,10 @@ that your next messages don't need to go through moderation.  Because
you won't be a proper subscriber, people need to CC you to let you
follow the conversations.

Non-subscribers should expect delays before their first messages reach
the mailing list. After passing moderation future messages will go
through immediately.

* Posting to the Org mailing list

If you are already a list subscriber, you may post directly to the