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@@ 159,6 159,24 @@ Run commands in separate shells...[fn:3]
Shell blocks can accept args, work with stdin, be tangled, use noweb,
and more[fn:4].

Some commands try to read standard input if it is available.
In interactive sessions it may be hidden due to time interval between typed
commands, but be careful when they are used in scripts Org source blocks.
[[https://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/089][BASH FAQ #89]]
warns concerning =ssh= and =ffmpeg=.  Either explicitly specify
=</dev/null= as input or use here-document syntax.

ssh example.org 'sed -i -e s/foo/bar/ file.txt' </dev/null
ssh example.org 'tee >>file.log' <<"EOF"
Added by org-babel

(Quotes around "EOF" delimiter suppress variable expansion in the text.)
Tools may have dedicated options,
for example =ssh -n= is a more concise way to avoid the pitfall.

* Requirements and Setup
# - Installation and configuration of language software
# - Emacs configuration