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#+results: d-hello
Hello World!

** Including multiple libraries
:ID:       048c4b93-3891-4a05-8cf5-1b055829f4db

When several libraries need to be included, =:includes= value should be set to a list:

#+name: cpp-multiple-includes
#+begin_src C++ :includes '(<iostream> <stdio.h>) :results output :exports results
  std::cout<<"Hello World!\n";
  printf("%d\n", 2+2);

,#+begin_src C++ :includes '(<iostream> <stdio.h>) :results output
  std::cout<<"Hello World!\n";
  printf("%d\n", 2+2);

#+RESULTS: cpp-multiple-includes
: Hello World!
: 4

** Note that:
- if no =main()= is declared, a trivial one is automatically provided,
- there is no directive like: