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# For further clarification of =:file= and =:results=, see [[https://list.orgmode.org/m1y67jdsgw.fsf@][this thread]].

*** Graphics Header Arguments

There are many R-specific header arguments used to configure R graphics
devices.  They include:

@@ 210,7 210,7 @@ devices.  They include:
             =in=, =cm=, or =mm=. Note that the default units are set
             by the file type: =in= for pdf and ps, =px= for jpeg,
             bmp, png, tiff
  - bg :: the background color defaults to "transparent"
  - bg :: the background color defaults to "white"
  - fg :: the foreground color defaults to "black"
  - pointsize :: the default point size in the graphics defaults to 12
  - quality :: the quality of a JPEG image as a percentage