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* exporters/beamer/index.org: Remove link to obsolete tutorial

The basic tutorial for ox-beamer implementation has been extended with
what used to be in the linked tutorial.

Reported-by: Dima Kogan <dima@secretsauce.net>
Link: https://orgmode.org/list/87zg5cdlht.fsf@secretsauce.net
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M exporters/beamer/index.org
M exporters/beamer/index.org => exporters/beamer/index.org +0 -1
@@ 7,7 7,6 @@

- [[file:tutorial.org][Writing Beamer presentations in org-mode]], by Eric S Fraga
- [[file:presentation.org][Example .org source beamer presentation]], by Eric S Fraga
- [[file:ox-beamer.org][Using the new exporter]] (in Org's core since 8.0), by Suvayu Ali
- [[file:beamer-dual-format.org][Writing dual-format presentations using Beamer]], with other tricks, by James Harkins\\
  "Dual format" here means exporting the same org source to two formats:
  - Presentation mode (slideshows);