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@@ 21,12 21,12 @@ Carsten Dominik created Org and is still active on the list.

Bastien Guerry is the current maintainer and release manager.

Nicolas Goaziou is maintaining [[https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs/org-mode.git/tree/lisp/org-element.el][org-element.el]] (which defines the Org's
syntax) and most of the exporters.
Nicolas Goaziou is maintaining most of the exporters and
[[https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs/org-mode.git/tree/lisp/org-element.el][org-element.el]], which defines the Org's syntax.

Kyle Meyer is backporting patches made against Org in the Emacs
repository and he updates the Emacs repository with Org latest
releases.  He also hosts the [[https://public-inbox.org/README.html][public-inbox]] of the mailing list at
releases ; he also hosts the [[https://public-inbox.org/README.html][public-inbox]] of the mailing list at

Timothy (aka "TEC") and Tim Cross are contributor stewards: they make

@@ 34,6 34,8 @@ sure that all contributions get the attention they deserve.

John Corless is helping with confirming reported bugs.

8 people are moderating the mailing list.

Some file have a dedicated maintainer: just grep =;; Maintainer= in
Org's repository to find them.