deps.edn: Bump dependencies
src/bzg/config.clj: Add "TIP" as a blog subject-prefix
src/bzg/config.clj: Add "RFC" as a subject prefix for requests
Fix bug about reporting against CHANGE/RELEASE/etc and refactor

Also add test.
src/bzg/core.clj: Small refactoring
Support sending to an alias email
Minor refactoring and clean-up
Prevent bug when browser does not set accept-language
Set <html lang="..."> according to current language
Use integrant
Implement voting on requests
Allow complex searches
src/bzg/db.clj: Fix db schema
Add blog and body in rss feeds for blog/announcement/change/release
src/bzg/fetch.clj: Refactor
Add all fetch function and document possible use in config.edn
Add first implementation to support i18n
Re-add a minimal footer

This partially reverts commit 76f199c25a4afb068edb9679a8ad7141a567e888.
src/bzg/core.clj: Fix logic in `update-person!`
Display email when hovering on the username