4b30a9a6934c8838fe680fcb0b63efee8296a188 — Bastien 6 years ago ea9a14a
Use the :ID property value as URI when available

* ox-skos.el (org-skos-headline): Use the :ID property value as
URI when available.  Add <dct:modified> and <dct:created>.
(org-skos-build-top-level-description): Use the :ID property value
as URI when available.
1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M ox-skos.el
M ox-skos.el => ox-skos.el +11 -5
@@ 47,8 47,6 @@
(declare-function url-encode-url "url-util" (url))
(declare-function org-babel-parse-header-arguments "ob-core" (arg-string))

;; (declare-function url-encode-url "url-util" (url))

;;; Variables and options

(defgroup org-export-skos nil

@@ 177,8 175,12 @@ VALUE can be a string or an alist."
  "Transcode HEADLINE element into SKOS format.
CONTENTS is the headline contents.  INFO is a plist used as a
communication channel."
  (let* ((uri (concat "#" (url-encode-url (org-element-property :URI headline))))
  (let* ((uri (concat "#" 
		      (or (org-element-property :ID headline)
			   (org-element-property :URI headline)))))
	 (lang (org-export-data (plist-get info :language) info))
	 (timestr (format-time-string-ISO-8601))
	   (org-element-property :SKOS:NOTATION headline) lang "skos:notation"))

@@ 242,6 244,8 @@ communication channel."
    <skos:ConceptScheme rdf:about=\"%s\"/>

@@ 249,6 253,7 @@ communication channel."
      timestr timestr
      conceptschemeuri uri conceptschemeuri
      definition notation preflabel altlabel example note)
     ;; Possibly add "broader"

@@ 334,8 339,9 @@ communication channel."
	  'headline (lambda (h)
		      ;; FIXME: why limiting to headlines of level 1 below?
		      (if (= (org-element-property :level h) 1)
			  (concat "#" (url-encode-url
				       (org-element-property :URI h))))))
			  (concat "#" (or (org-element-property :ID h)
					   (org-element-property :URI h)))))))