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#Export org-mode file to SKOS rdf files

ox-skos.el is an Emacs Lisp library to help exporting org-mode files into SKOS files.

See the examples/ directory for introductory examples.

Your org-mode file needs to use specific header properties and entry properties, as shown below.

#Header properties

#+CONTRIBUTOR: Bastien Guerry
#+TYPE: Thesaurus
#+DESCRIPTION: Vocabulary
#+PUBLISHER: Bastien Guerry
#+HOMEPAGE: https://data.culture.fr/thesaurus/
#+RIGHTS: CC-by-sa-3.0
#+conceptschemebaseuri: https://bzg.fr/thesaurus/resource/ark:/111111
#+conceptschemeid: T111

#Entry properties

A SKOS concept needs to be entered with special properties:

* Concept_one
  :skos:definition: :fr Une définition pour concept_one.
  :skos:definition: :en A definition for concept_one.
  :skos:preflabel: :fr ConceptOne
  :skos:preflabel: :en ConceptOne
  :uri:      concept one
  :ID:       1

Une définition pour concept_one.

#Install and basic usage

Load ox-skos.el as you would load any other Emacs lisp library.

Then use C-c C-e s s to export the current org-mode buffer to a SKOS buffer, or C-c C-e s S to export the current org-mode buffer to a SKOS file.


ox-skos.el requires Emacs >24 and org-mode >9.


ox-skos.el is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license or any later version of it.