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* manuals.org (Org Mode compact guide):
(Org manual for the GNU Emacs version): Fix grammar and clarify

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@@ 15,7 15,7 @@ in Org's core.
* Org Mode compact guide

The Org Mode compact guide is a shorter introduction to the main
feature of Org Mode.
features of Org Mode.

- As [[https://orgmode.org/orgguide.html][a single HTML page]]
- As [[https://orgmode.org/guide/][multiple HTML pages]]

@@ 29,6 29,7 @@ feature of Org Mode.

* Org manual for the GNU Emacs version

GNU Emacs publishes manual for core features, included Org.
GNU Emacs publishes manuals for its components.  Org is distributed
with GNU Emacs.

You can access the [[https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/org.html][GNU Emacs Org manual from here]].