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@@ 199,15 199,19 @@ experience for Emacs.  If you are looking for something closer to
vanilla Emacs there are popular configs such as [[https://github.com/purcell/emacs.d/blob/master/lisp/init-org.el][Purcell's emacs.d]] that
include org-mode customization and Org-related packages.

* In Other Editors
* In Other Editors, Android, iOS
  :CUSTOM_ID: editors

While the full set of Org [[file:features.html][features]] is currently exclusive to Emacs,
basic functionality for Org files has been implemented for a variety
of editors.  Here are some extensions for other editors that enable
support for Org files.
of editors and mobile apps. Here are some extensions and apps that
enable support for Org files.

- *Vim* : [[https://github.com/kristijanhusak/orgmode.nvim][orgmode.nvim]], [[https://github.com/jceb/vim-orgmode][vim-orgmode]], and [[https://github.com/axvr/org.vim][org.vim]]
- *VS Codium* : [[https://github.com/vscode-org-mode/vscode-org-mode][vscode-org-mode]]
- *Android* : [[https://www.orgzly.com/][Orgzly]], [[https://orgro.org/][Orgro]], [[https://github.com/Artawower/orgnote][Org Note]]
- *iOS* : [[https://mobileorg.github.io/features/][MobileOrg]], [[https://orgro.org/][Orgro]]
- *Web* : [[https://organice.200ok.ch/][Organice (progressive web app)]], [[https://github.com/Artawower/orgnote][Org Note]]