fe74a3ed2d81704e9e1caae0b6e1be2e0eefc3f2 — Ihor Radchenko a month ago 9d06e7b
org-crypt-decrypt-entry: Apply initial visibility upon decryption

* lisp/org-crypt.el: Call `org-cycle-set-startup-visibility' on the
decrypted entries.  Still re-fold if the decrypted entry has been
inside an existing fold.
* lisp/org-cycle.el (org-cycle-set-visibility-according-to-property):
Respect narrowing.
* etc/ORG-NEWS (=org-crypt.el= now applies initial visibility settings
to decrypted entries): Announce the change.

This patch solves a slight annoyance when the freshly decrypted entry
is fully unfolded, including all the property drawers.  It will make
more sense to make the folding state follow initial visibility
settings, including VISIBILITY properties.
3 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M lisp/org-crypt.el
M lisp/org-cycle.el
M etc/ORG-NEWS => etc/ORG-NEWS +4 -0
@@ 222,6 222,10 @@ execution completes.  The new ~:async~ header allows users to continue
editing with Emacs while a ~:session~ block executes.

** Miscellaneous
*** =org-crypt.el= now applies initial visibility settings to decrypted entries

Previously, all the text was unfolded unconditionally, including property drawers.

*** Blank lines after removed objects are not retained during export

When certain objects in Org document are to be excluded from export,

M lisp/org-crypt.el => lisp/org-crypt.el +10 -1
@@ 81,6 81,7 @@
(declare-function org-previous-visible-heading "org" (arg))
(declare-function org-scan-tags "org" (action matcher todo-only &optional start-level))
(declare-function org-set-property "org" (property value))
(declare-function org-cycle-set-startup-visibility "org-cycle" ())

(defgroup org-crypt nil
  "Org Crypt."

@@ 269,10 270,12 @@ Assume `epg-context' is set."
		(epg-decrypt-string epg-context encrypted-text)
	 ;; Delete region starting just before point, because the
	 ;; outline property starts at the \n of the heading.
	 (delete-region (1- (point)) end)
         (setq origin-marker (point-marker))
	 ;; Store a checksum of the decrypted and the encrypted text
	 ;; value.  This allows reusing the same encrypted text if the
	 ;; text does not change, and therefore avoid a re-encryption

@@ 282,6 285,12 @@ Assume `epg-context' is set."
			     'org-crypt-checksum (sha1 decrypted-text)
			     'org-crypt-key (org-crypt-key-for-heading)
			     'org-crypt-text encrypted-text))
         ;; Apply initial visibility.
           (narrow-to-region origin-marker (point))
           (set-marker origin-marker nil)
         ;; ... but keep the previous folded state.
	 (when folded-heading
	   (goto-char folded-heading)
	   (org-fold-subtree t))

M lisp/org-cycle.el => lisp/org-cycle.el +8 -7
@@ 638,20 638,21 @@ With a numeric prefix, show all headlines up to that level."
  "Switch subtree visibility according to VISIBILITY property."
  (let ((regexp (org-re-property "VISIBILITY")))
    (org-with-point-at 1
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (while (re-search-forward regexp nil t)
	(let ((state (match-string 3)))
        (let ((state (match-string 3)))
	  (if (not (org-at-property-p)) (outline-next-heading)
	      (org-back-to-heading t)
	      (org-fold-subtree t)
	      (pcase state
		 (org-fold-subtree t))
                 ;; Newline before heading will be outside the
                 ;; narrowing.  Make sure that it is revealed.
                 (org-fold-heading nil)

@@ 659,9 660,9 @@ With a numeric prefix, show all headlines up to that level."
		((or "all" "showall")
	        ((or "all" "showall")
		(_ nil)))
	        (_ nil)))
	    (org-end-of-subtree t)))))))

(defun org-cycle-overview ()