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ORG-NEWS: Reword inline image width note

* etc/ORG-NEWS: Avoid possible confusion related to
"#+attr_org: :width" example.
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

M etc/ORG-NEWS => etc/ORG-NEWS +6 -6
@@ 38,16 38,16 @@ supply link descriptions using ~(org-list-store-props :description

*** Inline image width value in =#+attr_org= is preferred over other =#+attr_...= keywords

Previously, when ~org-image-actual-width~ is a list, Org used the
Previously, when ~org-image-actual-width~ is a list or nil, Org used the
first =#+attr_...= keyword containing =:width ...= to compute the inline
image width:
image width.  Now, =#+attr_org=, if present, takes precedence.
In the following example the image preview has width of 75%
while earlier versions pick 33%.

: #+attr_html: :width 30%
: #+attr_org:  :width is ignored
: #+attr_html: :width 33%
: #+attr_org:  :width 0.75
: [[image.png]]

Now, =#+attr_org=, if present, takes precedence.

*** =ox-html=: When exporting footnotes with custom non-number names, the names are used as link anchors

Previously, link anchors for footnote references and footnote