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#+cindex: source blocks, in @LaTeX{} export
#+cindex: @samp{ATTR_LATEX}, keyword

#+vindex: org-latex-src-block-backend
LaTeX export backend provides multiple ways to render src blocks in
LaTeX, according to the value of ~org-latex-src-block-backend~.  The
default value =verbatim= renders the src code verbatim, without any
extra styling.  Alternative values allow more colorful styling, but
require additional LaTeX (=listings=, =minted=), system (=minted=), or
Emacs (=engraved=) packages.  See the ~org-latex-src-block-backend~
docstring for more details.

The LaTeX export backend can make source code blocks into floating
objects through the attributes =:float= and =:options=.  For =:float=: