38dd882685e3cc5843a9cf30155432b4ebce8514 — Martin Marshall 16 days ago 5cbaa87
org-ctags: Fix regexp to not break radio-target links

* org-ctags.el (org-ctags-tag-regexp): Add left angle-bracket to
excluded characters for tag text.

Link: https://orgmode.org/list/87frxylw33.fsf@martinmarshall.com

1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M lisp/org-ctags.el
M lisp/org-ctags.el => lisp/org-ctags.el +1 -1
@@ 149,7 149,7 @@
(defvar org-ctags-enabled-p t
  "Activate ctags support in org mode?")

(defvar org-ctags-tag-regexp "/<<([^>]+)>>/\\1/d,definition/"
(defvar org-ctags-tag-regexp "/<<([^<>]+)>>/\\1/d,definition/"
  "Regexp expression used by ctags external program.
The regexp matches tag destinations in Org files.