mk/run-tests.sh: Complete previous commit
mk/run-tests.sh: Ensure to find the hut executable
mk/run-tests.sh: Sync tags and badges names
mk/run-tests.sh: Re-add tags to submitted manifests
mk/run-tests.sh: Rely on the hut utility

See https://git.sr.ht/~emersion/hut
.builds_maintainers: New directory

It contains the same manifests except that warning and errors are sent
to maintainers only, not to ~bzg/org-build-failures@lists.sr.ht.
.builds/test-debian-bookworm.yml: Require ca-certificates-java
mk/run-tests.sh: Update Emacs version in test names
Revert ".builds/test-debian-bookworm.yml: Require jre explicitly"

This reverts commit 796a310006420ffe4d317300194e917e39b48043.
.builds/test-debian-bookworm.yml: Require jre explicitly
Use Debian explicit version names in SourceHut images
fix: Use non interactive ui for apt

In some configurations `apt --yes install octave` drops
to interactively configuring the keyboard (which does not
work in a podman build).
fix: Remove error messages from octave --version by disabling gui
feature: Enable fortran tests for ci and local
feature: Add octave binary to debian builds
chore: Sort packages in builds.sr.ht manifests
fix: Add sqlite also for local debian builds
fix: Remove python-mode from test setup

Especially the async tests are not fully supported by python-mode
feature: Enable ob-sqlite tests
feature: Enable octave in ci and local tests