fix: Use non interactive ui for apt

In some configurations `apt --yes install octave` drops
to interactively configuring the keyboard (which does not
work in a podman build).
fix: Remove error messages from octave --version by disabling gui
feature: Enable fortran tests for ci and local
feature: Add octave binary to debian builds
chore: Sort packages in builds.sr.ht manifests
fix: Add sqlite also for local debian builds
fix: Remove python-mode from test setup

Especially the async tests are not fully supported by python-mode
feature: Enable ob-sqlite tests
feature: Enable octave in ci and local tests
feature: Enable eshell tests in ci and local tests
feature: Activate perl in the tests
feature: Add R to images and test it
fix: Fix guile installation for ci-debian yml files
fix: Remove customizations that break indentation for one test
fix: Remove init.el from oldstable builds

Straight seems not to work with emacs26
fix: Align local and ci build more

- order of emacs installation and init.el
- EMACSQ definition
fix: Use bash as shell in builds
feature: Use fully qualified image names for base iamges
build: Add commandline flag --no-cache to rakefile

Maps directly to podman build --no-cache

Usage: rake build:ubuntu:emacs28 -- --no-cache
feature: Print version info in emacs