e6cb6ca42f5bbb74825e81fd645b00e17a673da4 — Ihor Radchenko 20 days ago 4936783
Replace removed `remove-if' by `cl-remove-if'

* lisp/org-bibtex-extras.el (obe-meta-to-json):
* lisp/org-depend.el (org-depend-trigger-todo): Rename `remove-if' ->
`cl-remove-if'.  `remove-if' is deprecated since Emacs 27.

Reported in https://orgmode.org/list/a46a1419-62fa-a162-b727-ed708157a74c@cea.fr
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M lisp/org-bibtex-extras.el
M lisp/org-depend.el
M lisp/org-bibtex-extras.el => lisp/org-bibtex-extras.el +3 -3
@@ 106,9 106,9 @@ For example, to point to your `obe-bibtex-file' use the following.
		(cl-incf counter)))
      ;; build the nodes of the graph
      (add (col :title))
      (add (remove-if (lambda (author) (string-match "others" author))
		      (remove-duplicates (apply #'append (col :authors))
					 :test #'string=)))
      (add (cl-remove-if (lambda (author) (string-match "others" author))
		         (remove-duplicates (apply #'append (col :authors))
					    :test #'string=)))
      (dolist (field fields)
	(add (remove-duplicates (col field) :test #'string=)))
      ;; build the links in the graph

M lisp/org-depend.el => lisp/org-depend.el +1 -1
@@ 287,7 287,7 @@ This does two different kinds of triggers:
				 (if no-wrap items-after
				   (append items-after items-before))))
			      (t (nreverse items))))
		  (setq items (remove-if
		  (setq items (cl-remove-if
			       (lambda (item)
				 (or (equal (first item) this-item)
				     (and (not todo-and-done-only)