e44255be733fc2adc66c5e742ce7b96e85c86d3f — pedro 24 days ago 351c713
lisp/org-collector.el: Add error handling in props

When a property is considered an emacs lisp expression right now it
just blindly fails with (invalid-read-syntax #) that comes from the
org-babel-read function.

The proposed change informs the user what property is failing.

* lisp/org-collector.el (org-propview-collect):
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M lisp/org-collector.el
M lisp/org-collector.el => lisp/org-collector.el +5 -1
@@ 189,7 189,11 @@ variables and values specified in props"
		    (mapcar (lambda (pair)
			      (let ((inhibit-lisp-eval (or (string= (car pair) "ITEM")
							   (string-match-p org-ts-regexp-inactive (cdr pair)))))
				(cons (car pair) (org-babel-read (cdr pair) inhibit-lisp-eval))))
				(condition-case err
				    (cons (car pair) (org-babel-read (cdr pair) inhibit-lisp-eval))
				    (print (format "Error processing lisp on property: %S, error: %S. Remember anything that starts with a (, ', ` or [ is considered an elisp expression" pair err)))))))
    ;; collect all property names