d4056ce5d5611e1c971c151f182a2d407226fdb1 — Pedro 23 days ago e44255b
lisp/org-collector.el: Read `org-link-bracket-re' without evaluating

When the property's value is a `org-link-bracket-re', it should not be
wrongly interpreted and processed as an emacs lisp expression.

Current situation also prevents filtering items based on matching some
text in the link (it is ignored because is an emacs lisp expression).

* lisp/org-collector.el (org-propview-collect): Inhibit evaluation
when value is a bracket link.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M lisp/org-collector.el
M lisp/org-collector.el => lisp/org-collector.el +2 -1
@@ 188,7 188,8 @@ variables and values specified in props"
	  (mapcar (lambda (props)
		    (mapcar (lambda (pair)
			      (let ((inhibit-lisp-eval (or (string= (car pair) "ITEM")
							   (string-match-p org-ts-regexp-inactive (cdr pair)))))
							   (string-match-p org-ts-regexp-inactive (cdr pair))
                                                           (string-match-p org-link-bracket-re (cdr pair)))))
				(condition-case err
				    (cons (car pair) (org-babel-read (cdr pair) inhibit-lisp-eval))