Contributed packages to Org in search for new maintainers
Announce ox-taskjuggler.el will be removed from the next release
ox-taskjuggler.el: Update
Remove ob-coq.el now maintained at https://github.com/sp1ff/ob-coq


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This repository contains add-ons to Org.

You can use them by installing the org-contrib NonGNU ELPA package from https://elpa.nongnu.org/nongnu/.

#Please help maintaining these add-ons

Files in this repository used to live in the Org repository but have been filtered out of the Org 9.5 release. The contrib/ directory used to contain a scripts/ directory that now lives on the Worg repository.

Files in this repository receive little if no maintainance and there is no guaranty that they are compatible with the Org stable version.

For files a Maintainer header and a Homepage pointing outside of this repository are in transition: they are maintained and will be removed from the next minor or major release of this repository. As a user, please carefully track the new URL where the add-on is now maintained.

If you want to maintain some of these add-ons, please send me an email at bzg@gnu.org once you set up a separate repository for them.


All files in this repository are licensed under the GNU General Public License, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. See COPYING.


You can send patches to ~bzg/dev@lists.sr.ht and configure your local copy of the repository like this:

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH org-contrib'

#Files to remove from the next release

If a file has a "Homepage:" keyword, it will be removed from the next minor or major release.

  • ox-taskjuggler.el

#Other files

#Org utils

  • org-annotate-file.el: Annotate a file with org syntax
  • org-bibtex-extras.el: Extras for working with org-bibtex entries
  • org-checklist.el: org functions for checklist handling
  • org-choose.el: Use TODO keywords to mark decision states
  • org-collector.el: Collect properties into tables
  • org-contribdir.el: Dummy file to mark the org contrib Lisp directory
  • org-depend.el: TODO dependencies for Org-mode
  • org-effectiveness.el: Measuring your personal effectiveness
  • org-eldoc.el: Eldoc documentation for SRC blocks
  • org-expiry.el: Expiry mechanism for Org entries
  • org-git-link.el: Provide org links to specific file version
  • org-interactive-query.el: Interactive modification of tags query
  • org-invoice.el: Help manage client invoices in OrgMode
  • org-learn.el: SuperMemo's incremental learning algorithm
  • org-license.el: Insert free licenses to your org documents
  • org-mac-iCal.el: Imports events from iCal.app to the Emacs diary
  • org-mairix.el: Hook mairix search into Org for different MUAs
  • org-panel.el: Simple routines for us with bad memory
  • org-registry.el: A registry for Org links
  • org-screen.el: Visit screen sessions through Org-mode links
  • org-screenshot.el: Take and manage screenshots in Org-mode files
  • org-secretary.el: Team management with org-mode
  • org-sudoku.el: Create and solve SUDOKU puzzles in Org tables
  • org-toc.el: Table of contents for Org-mode buffer
  • org-track.el: Keep up with Org development
  • org-wikinodes.el: CamelCase wiki-like links for Org

#Org exporters

  • ox-bibtex.el: Export bibtex fragments
  • ox-confluence.el: Confluence Wiki exporter
  • ox-deck.el: deck.js presentations exporter
  • ox-extra.el: Convenience functions for org export
  • ox-freemind.el: Freemind exporter
  • ox-groff.el: Groff exporter
  • ox-s5.el: S5 presentations exporter
  • ol-bookmark.el: Links to bookmarks
  • ol-elisp-symbol.el: Links to Emacs-lisp symbols
  • ol-git-link.el: Links to specific file version
  • ol-mew.el: Links to Mew messages
  • ol-vm.el: Support for links to VM messages
  • ol-wl.el: Support for links to Wanderlust messages

#Org Babel languages

  • ob-abc.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for ABC
  • ob-csharp.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for csharp evaluation
  • ob-ebnf.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for EBNF
  • ob-eukleides.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for eukleides evaluation
  • ob-fomus.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for fomus evaluation
  • ob-hledger.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for hledger
  • ob-io.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Io
  • ob-J.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for J
  • ob-ledger.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Ledger
  • ob-mathomatic.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for mathomatic evaluation
  • ob-mscgen.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Mscgen
  • ob-oz.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Oz evaluation
  • ob-picolisp.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Picolisp
  • ob-shen.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Shen
  • ob-stan.el: Babel Functions for Stan
  • ob-stata.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Stata evaluation
  • ob-tcl.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for tcl evaluation
  • ob-vala.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for Vala
  • ob-vbnet.el: Org-mode Babel Functions for VB.Net evaluation