index.org: Remove useless information
index.org: Update date
index.org: Fix previous commit
index.org: Update upcoming dates
index.org: Update upcoming dates
README.md: Tiny wording change
Softer colors for light and dark themes
index.org: Don't include HTML default style

As we want to rely on index.css only.
Fix dark theme

I’m an idiot and made the dark theme not so dark. This commit fixes
this issue.
Add automatic dark theme

This commit adds an automatic dark theme for dark theme users
depending on their OS’ preference.
README.md: Fix typo
index.css: Don't use monospace font
index.css: Add minimal css
index.org: Small updates
index.org: Add options
LICENSES/CC-BY-4.0.txt: New file
README.md: New file
Initial commit