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Choices lets you build a single page application to let users traverse a set of related options and get feedback from their choices.


#Build your application

  1. Configure the application at config.yml
  2. Test your configuration with lein test
  3. Compile with lein fig:min
  4. Your static files are ready in resources/public/


  1. Configure the application at src/cljs/choices/config.cljs
  2. Compile with lein fig:build
  3. Check your web browser
  4. Adapt config.cljs to your needs


Your help is welcome. You can contribute with bug reports, feature requests and localization by editing the i18n.cljs file.

#Support the Clojure(script) ecosystem

If you like Clojure(script), please consider supporting maintainers by donating to clojuriststogether.org.


2019-2020 DINUM, Bastien Guerry.

This application is published under the EPL 2.0 license.