deps.edn: Bump dependencies
README.md: Update copyright years
test.cljs.edn: Remove unused :output-to
deps.edn: Use react 17 to avoid warning

Also remove unused dependencies.
.gitignore: Ignore README.org
README.org: Delete
771eec37 — Ainali 8 months ago
Add Swedish to UI
Use -M: for the Clojure cli instead of the obsolete -A:
config-example.yml: Document available UI languages
src/cljs/choices/i18n.cljs: Add german translation
deps.edn: Bump dependencies
deps.edn: Bump dependency version
src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: Enhance `md-to-string`
src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: Fix code typo
config-example.yml: Enhance documentation
Revert "src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: More tweaks"

This reverts commit dfa7216906378cb927900e7ef2530aecf6c57ac6.
src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: More tweaks
src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: Minor tweaks
resources/public/css/dsfr.css: Update
Minor doc enhancements