fbe8e0cfb7dd3942a12aad3c15f6b394a67272f1 — Bastien 2 months ago 687384b
src/cljs/choices/core.cljs: Compute max value for a score

Don't set the max value for a score manually: compute it from the
sum of possible positive increments of the value when the user go
through the choices.
1 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

M src/cljs/choices/core.cljs
M src/cljs/choices/core.cljs => src/cljs/choices/core.cljs +18 -9
@@ 14,6 14,7 @@
            [clojure.string :as string]
            [clojure.walk :as walk]
            [markdown-to-hiccup.core :as md]
            [taoensso.tempura :refer [tr]]))

@@ 30,14 31,13 @@
(def conditional-score-outputs (:conditional-score-outputs config))
(def sticky-help (reagent/atom ""))
(def score-variables (:score-variables config))
(def tree (:tree config))

;; home-page and start-page
(def home-page
  (first (remove nil? (map #(when (:home-page %) (keyword (:node %)))
                           (:tree config)))))
  (first (remove nil? (map #(when (:home-page %) (keyword (:node %))) tree))))
(def start-page
  (first (remove nil? (map #(when (:start-page %) (keyword (:node %)))
                           (:tree config)))))
  (first (remove nil? (map #(when (:start-page %) (keyword (:node %))) tree))))

(defn md-to-string [^string s]
  (-> s (md/md->hiccup) (md/component)))

@@ 88,8 88,7 @@
  (every? true? (for [[k v] m1] (f v (k m2)))))

;; Create routes
(def routes
  (into [] (for [n (:tree config)] [(:node n) (keyword (:node n))])))
(def routes (into [] (for [n tree] [(:node n) (keyword (:node n))])))

;; Define multimethod for later use in `create-page-contents`
(defmulti page-contents identity)

@@ 216,12 215,22 @@
     :output       @output
     :node         @node}))

(defn sum-values-of-map-entry-with-key [m k]
  (let [sum (atom 0)]
     #(do (when-let [hm (:value (get % k))]
            (when (and (number? hm) (pos? hm))
              (swap! sum + hm))) %) m)

(defn format-score-output-string [output scores]
  (let [scores
        (map (fn [[k v]]
               [(str "%" (name k))
                (if-let [max (:max (get score-variables k))]
                  (fmt/format "%.0f" (/ (* v 100) max))
                (if (:as-percent (get score-variables k))
                  (let [max (sum-values-of-map-entry-with-key tree k)]
                    (println max)
                    (fmt/format "%.0f" (/ (* v 100) max)))
    (reduce-kv string/replace output (into {} scores))))

@@ 413,7 422,7 @@

;; Create all the pages from config.yml
(dorun (map create-page-contents (:tree config)))
(dorun (map create-page-contents tree))

;; Create component to mount the current page
(defn current-page []