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# Choices

`Choices` lets you build a single page application to let users traverse
a set of related options and get feedback from their choices.


# Build your application

1.  Configure the application at `config.yml`
2.  Test your configuration with `lein test`
3.  Compile with `lein fig:min`
4.  Your static files are ready in `resources/public/`

# Develop

1.  Configure the application at `src/cljs/choices/config.cljs`
2.  Compile with `lein fig:build`
3.  Check your web browser
4.  Adapt `config.cljs` to your needs

# Contribute

Your help is welcome.  You can contribute with bug reports, feature
requests and localization by editing the `i18n.cljs` file.

# Support the Clojure(script) ecosystem

If you like Clojure(script), please consider supporting maintainers by
donating to [clojuriststogether.org](https://www.clojuriststogether.org).

# License

2019-2020 DINUM, Bastien Guerry.

This application is published under the [EPL 2.0 license](LICENSE).