Web application to traverse a decision-tree and expose the result
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Choices lets you build a single page application to let users traverse a set of related options and get feedback from their choices.



  1. Copy config-example.yml to config.yml and adapt it to your needs
  2. Test your configuration with clj -M:test
  3. Compile with clj -M:js
  4. Your static files are ready in resources/public/


  1. Copy config-example.yml to config.yml and adapt it to your needs
  2. Compile with clj -M:fig
  3. Check your web browser on http://localhost:9500


Choices come with three themes: bulma, the default, chota and dsfr.

Don't use the dsfr theme unless you are authorized to.

To set chota as the theme, run clj -X:set :theme chota.

This will update config.yml and resources/public/index.html to use chota as the theme when generating the static website.


Here are some examples where Choices is used:


Contributions are welcome. You can send feedback and patches to ~bzg/dev@lists.sr.ht. For patches, please configure your local copy of the repository to add a prefix to the subject line of your emails:

~$ git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH choices'

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2019-2024 Bastien Guerry

This application is published under the EPL 2.0 license, except for the fonts in resources/public/fonts.