Update mastodon link
Switch references back to sr.ht
Temporarily comment out .build.yml
Work on gta some more
Use airplanes.live API instead of adsb.one
Switch to using my gitea instance to host the repo
Starting adding Gitea Action
Fix ",," in a filter allowing all aircraft
Add some info to About for how to use filters
Add ability to have a comma separated list for multiple of each type of filter
Add filtering for callsign and registration
Update package.json
Add the ability to filter for a specific aircraft type code

It matches starts with, i.e. you can put "A32" and get only A320ceo aircraft back
Add some extra padding between viewport edges and elements
Update not_found.rs for ctp theme

I guess I forgot when I was originally switching to ctp
Update cargo packages
Update .build.yml
Finish version 0.1.7
Clean up states in home and location_form

Implements: https://todo.sr.ht/~bwbuhse/planesover.me/27