My custom configs and patches for rover
a7f4986c — Marcel Rodrigues 1 year, 4 months ago
Merge pull request #41 from orbea/gentoo
build: Add CFLAGS default
build: Use pkgconfig to fix undefined references


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Rover is a file browser for the terminal.

Rover screenshot

The main goal is to provide a faster way to explore a file system from the terminal, compared to what's possible by using cd, ls, etc. Rover has vi-like key bindings for navigation and can open files in $PAGER and $EDITOR. Basic file system operations are also implemented (see rover(1) for details). Rover is designed to be simple, fast and portable.

#Quick Start

Building and Installing:

$ make
$ sudo make install


$ rover [DIR1 [DIR2 [DIR3 [...]]]]

Basic Usage:

      q - quit Rover
      ? - show Rover manual
    j/k - move cursor down/up
    J/K - move cursor down/up 10 lines
    g/G - move cursor to top/bottom of listing
      l - enter selected directory
      h - go to parent directory
      H - go to $HOME directory
    0-9 - change tab
 RETURN - open $SHELL on the current directory
  SPACE - open $PAGER with the selected file
      e - open $VISUAL or $EDITOR with the selected file
      / - start incremental search (RETURN to finish)
    n/N - create new file/directory
      R - rename selected file or directory
      D - delete selected file or (empty) directory

Please read rover(1) for more information.


  • Unix-like system;
  • curses library.


Rover configuration (mostly key bindings and colors) can only be changed by editing the file config.h and rebuilding the binary.

Note that the external programs executed by some Rover commands may be changed via the appropriate environment variables. For example, to specify an editor:

$ VISUAL=vi rover

Rover will first check for variables prefixed with ROVER_. This can be used to change Rover behavior without interfering with the global environment:

$ ROVER_VISUAL=vi rover

Please read rover(1) for more information.


All of the source code and documentation for Rover is released into the public domain and provided without warranty of any kind.