Fix monitor brightness keys for X220 device
Default to floating windows by default
Include proper heading for input audio button support and move away from pulseaudio
Convert back to qutebrowser for default and add option for custom coloring
Default to pulseaudio controls for audio config
Include proper headers needed to target X201 hardware audio buttons
More customization with Termius typeface and sizing settings
Alter toggle sound keyboard shortcut for MageGee keyboard
Use proper audio keys for MageGee keyboard
Tweak setup to work with alpine suckless build on thinkpad x260
Add basic controls for backlight display
Swap qutebrowser defaults out for Firefox
Revert to tiling as default, optimize for laptop instead of mini PC
Include print screen button command for screen shots
Remove swap file
Tweak volume controls based on new keyboard layout
Boost overall typeface size for 4K monitor
Setup keyboard shortcut for opening qutebrowser
Include hotkeys for sleep and lock screen
Revert back to tiling by default but leave certain applications center launched